Tokyo to Osaka with return by Hokuriku Arch Pass

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A Fantastic Journey to tour Japan by Rail. The Hokuriku Arch Pass is valid for Seven consecutive days with unlimited Trains rides just for Tourists.

With the Horkuriku Arch Pass, you’ll get to travel byHokuriku Arch Pass

N’EX – Narita Airport to Tokyo

Tokyo Monorail lines – Haneda Airport to Tokyo and around

Tokyo Yamanote/Osaka Loop Line/ JR lines

Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet train) from Tokyo to Kanazawa (return)

Limited Express – Thunderbird :Kanazawa to Osaka (return)

Haruka :Kansai Airport Station in Osaka Prefecture

Local/Rapid service – Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe/Nara

You can stop over at any of the wonderful tourist spot like Omiya, Karuizawa, Nagano, Joetsumyoko, Itoigawa, Toyama, Shin Takaoka

The best is you can either start your journey from Tokyo or Osaka and return. The pass is good for 7 consecutive days of unlimited train rides

Purchase online for your reservation (discounted), collect your vouchers in your country before your departure to Japan.

Here’s Our 7 day Journey:

We started our tour from TOKYO. Thus on arrival at Narita Airport we proceed to the JR tickets counter in the basement to exchange for our Hokuriku Arch pass and with the pass we book the reserved seats for N’EX to Tokyo.

N’EX The Narita Express
Photo by Nanashino DenshakuT

As The pass is valid for use on JR trains in central Tokyo – The Yamanote Lines, once we drop off our luggage at our pre-booked Shinjuku Homestay,we spend a full day touring Tokyo city.

Use the Yamanote Lines to get to all place of interests. Read our Tokyo guide here.

At Sinjuku JR station, we did the booking for our journey for tomorrow too.  
JR ticket counters, is located at all main city station.
You only need to go to JR ticket’s counter to book for reserved seats if you are taking the Shinkansen and Limited Express.
(Note: you can do the booking at the airport JR ticket counter when you get the pass and the N’EX Tickets, if you had your planned schedule ready- you can check the train time table at Hyperdia)

For reserved seats -Tokyo to Osaka:

The Hokuriku Shinkansen , a 2 hr 30 mins bullet train experience to 
KANAZAWA. (A very beautiful city where we stop for snacks and photo taking)

The Hokuriku Shinkansen
The Hokuriku Shinkansen (reserve your seats)

Then Transfer to

The Limited Express -THUNDERBIRD from Kanazawa to KYOTO, 2 hrs journey.

Limited Express Thunderbird
Limited Express Thunderbird (reserve your seats) Photo by DMX123ZA

Then Transfer to

From Kyoto to NARA, you do not need to reserve seats for local/express/rapid service, just go to the platform to board the train. 
So from Kyoto we’ll take the JR Nara Line Rapid Service for Nara.

When we arrived at Nara, we kept our luggage at the JR station’s coin lockers.

Purchase the Nara Bus Pass at 500 Yen at the station, had a quick lunch and take bus number 70,72,97 to Toshodaiji Temple (entrance fee 600 Yen). If you could like to spend some time with the world famous Nara deer,just get some deer biscuits. It’s so cute and adorable.

Japan Nara deer with kids
Nara deer with kids

After touring NARA, we took the JR Yamatoji Rapid Service for OSAKA
Check in to our OSAKA Homestay, and go around the city with our Hokuriku Arch pass on the Osaka Loop line.

Osaka is similar to Tokyo in many ways. As it’s late, we had dinner and just wander around night shopping.

Today the 3rd day, we going to KYOTO. We took the JR Special Rapid Service for TSURUGA and drop off at Kyoto. There’s a number of trains from Osaka to Kyoto, so as long as you take the JR trains its cover by your pass. You can check the trains here at Hyperdia

Click here for our Kyoto full day tour

After Kyoto we took the JR Special Rapid Service for BANSHUAKO and drop off at Osaka.

We spend our 4th day in OSAKA city full day.

Umeda Sky Building,Osaka
Umeda Sky Building,Osaka

In Osaka, to get round the city you will use Osaka Loop Line (19 stations)

Attractions around OSAKA stations:

Osaka – world’s largest underground shopping arcade,
Umeda Sky Building, Hankyu Department Store, Hankyu
Grand building, Big Man Square, Co-Big Man, Kinokuniya
Bookstore, EST boutiques(Japan’s latest fashion), HEP
(largest cinema complexes).

Tenma – Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Arcade(over 2km of shopping, longest in Japan).
Sakuranomiya – Kema Sakuranomiya Park(cherry blossom viewing),Yodo

Kyobashi – Aeon Kyobashi, Keihan Mall, Coms Garden, JR express
to Kansai International Airport

Osakajo-Koen – Osaka Castle (Entrance 600 yen adults, children is Free)

Morinomiya – Osaka City Museum, Osaka International Peace Center

Tsuruhashi – Tsuruhashi Korea Town

Tennoji – Shitennoji Temple, Isshinji Temple, Zoo,
Shopping and Entertainment Area,
Kansai International Airport connections.

ShinImamiya – Imamiya Ebisu Shrine, Tsutenkaku Tower, Spa World, Amusement Center.

Fukushima – Fukushima-Tenmangu Shrine

Tomorrow 5th day we will visit KOBE !

We took the JR Kobe Line,and went straight to HIMEJI first. Try to take the Special Rapid service, so it will not stop at every stop. You can check the time table at Hyperdia

Himeji Castle Japan
Himeji Castle

Himeji is famous for its beautiful 17th Century white castle. The Himeji Castle (UNESCO World Heritage Site), You can walk from the JR Himeji station to the castle’s gate (15 to 20 minutes).

After Himeji Castle we took the JR Kobe Line to Kobe.

Sannomiya Station is the main terminal for people visiting KOBE City.
At the Station, we purchase a 1 Day Kobe City Loop bus pass for
(Adult ¥660 , Child below 12 yrs old ¥330)

With this pass you’ll get a discount at over 30 attractions along or near the route.
The Bus route covers all Kobe’s main place of attractions:

Click here for a copy of the bus route.

KOBE Tower. Maritime Museum, Harbor Land
KOBE Tower. Maritime Museum, HarborLand


Kamomeria (Kobe Port Sightseeing Cruise Terminal)
Harbor-Land -MOSAIC
Minato Motomachi Station built in 1909.
Nankinmachi-Kobe Chinatown
Old foreign settlement-Kobe City Museum
Sannomiya Center Gai Shopping Street – Kobe Sogo Dept Store
Sannomiya Station (North)
Kitano Meister Garden
Kitanozaka – Famous Kobe Beef Steak Ishida
Kitano ljinakan – a historical district with a number of western style houses
or ijinkan
Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Robeway – Shin-Kobe Ropeway cable car-Great views of Kobe (9.30am-5.30pm Sat-9pm, Sun-8pm. 1000 yen)
Shin-Kobe Station (South)
City Hall -Kobe City Hall (with good views of Kobe from the top),a hugh flower clock.
Motomachi Shopping Street (in front of Nakinmachi)-Daimaru Department Store
Meriken Park – Kobe Maritime Museum,
Nakatottei Pier (Kobe Port Tower) – There’s a revolving cafe at the red, cylindrical 108 m-high Port Tower which provide a top view of the Kobe city

Kobe beef
Kobe beef

Don’t forget to enjoy your Kobe beef before going back to Osaka.

Well today, we had visited Himeji and Kobe and now back to Osaka, booking our trains back to Tokyo for tomorrow.

Day 6th We left Osaka on the 1st Limited Express -THUNDERBIRD back to
KANAZAWA, as we wanted to visit Omicho Market, a 15min walk from Kanazawa Station east exit. 

Kanazawa Station Japan
Kanazawa Station Japan. Photo by 663highland

Here you will find stalls selling locally caught seafood (like Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji but less crowded).

A good selection of fruit, vegetables, Japanese foodstuffs and lots of restaurants.
We’ll spend about 3 hours in Kanazawa and then leave on the The Hokuriku Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

On arrival at TOKYO, we took the Yamanote line to Shinjuku, check in to our Homestay and go around Tokyo city enjoying the night. We had reserved our N’EX seats for Narita Airport for tomorrow morning.

In the morning, we had our breakfast and left Tokyo for Narita Airport station.

On arrival at the airport we check our bags in at the airline counters and took the JR line back to Narita station, only 8 mins train ride, we are visiting Naritasan Shinshō-ji Temple (we’ll visit,every time before departing Japan).

Naritasan Shinshoji Narita Japan
Naritasan Shinshoji Photo by 663highland

At Narita station,tourists information counter, you can ask for direction. You can either take a bus or walk about 10 mins to the temple, along all the way there’s shops selling Narita’s snacks,souvenirs and special restaurants.

Naritasan Shinshō-ji Temple offer free guides daily from 10am to 3pm. For booking, send e-mail to 
You can get all Temple details here

After our prayers, we visited the beautiful Temple park. Relax and enjoy with the fishes in the lake. We’ll then go for lunch at one of the food shops along the way to the station.
Narita is famous for its “Unagi (eel)” rice set. You can find many Unagi restaurants. It’s delicious.

Narita Unagi (eel) rice set
Narita Unagi (eel) rice set


After lunch, we went back to the Narita Airport station by the JR line.

Well, we had make full use of the Horkuriku Arch Pass for 7 consecutive days, with all the train rides we get to visit so many cities, we truly enjoyed our-self.

So do plan your trips in advance, as the Horkuriku Arch Pass have many other cities that you can choose to stop over.

When we travel in Japan, we always stay at home stays. Its safe, and you only pay just 1/4 of a hotel room price. The rooms/whole unit is clean and near to stations and shops.
Important: Do read guest’s reviews and message with host before bookings.

Have you used the Horkuriku Arch Pass before ? Please share your journey below in the comment.

Happy Holidays !

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